April 10, 2023
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SemiQon’s first prototype moves to fabrication

SemiQon’s first prototype moves to fabrication

Within just two months of becoming operational, SemiQon has reached its first milestone as its first prototype design has now moved from drawing board to fabrication. The first fab-out is expected already this summer.

This first design and fab cycle has:

  • Stepper mask containing 48x prototype spin-qubit QPUs (repeated 32x times on wafer, 1536x devices)
  • 10+ complex lithography steps
  • CryoCMOS devices, such as multiplexers and amplifiers in the same process

Our rapid and agile fabrication cycle is made possible by access to world-class research infrastructure in Otaniemi, Finland. The first prototypes will not just help us understand and refine our next generation processors better, they will be ones that we will be happy to share with researchers globally to perform experiments on and obtain deeper insights. This will help the community in general to make progress.