About semiqon

Our mission is to power the scale-up of quantum computing with silicon-based quantum processors.

What We Do

We are on a mission to realize the promise of quantum computing by delivering scalability through powerful, resilient, and cost-effective silicon-based quantum processors.

At SemiQon, we build quantum processors for the million-qubit era. We want to develop the technology needed to close the gap between today’s reality and future possibilities of quantum  computing.

Our semiconductor-based solution responds to three major challenges that are currently slowing  down the development of quantum computers globally – their scalability, price, and sustainability. Our technology allows us to fabricate quantum processors in a way that supports scaling up manufacturing efficiently while also lowering costs. The chips we manufacture also enable the quantum computer to operate at warmer temperatures – thus requiring only a fraction of the energy needed for alternative solutions.

We are based at the Micronova Center for Applied Micro and Nanotechnology in Espoo, Finland, and have access to a facility that allows us to carry out fast design and fabrication cycles.
As we develop our solution, instead of starting from scratch, we build the next revolution of  computing power on decades of technological development and know-how of semiconductors that  have made our current digital era possible. We benefit from an existing industry, which will support the scale-up and commercialization of our technology and boost the European competitiveness and  technological sovereignty in quantum.

We see that specialization is speeding up in the quantum field and believe that the entire industry  and ecosystem will benefit from more companies doing fewer things. That is why SemiQon’s strategy is to focus on building the best possible processors instead of taking on the enormous challenge of building quantum computers. We see where we can bring most value, and rather collaborate with partners who excel at other things. 

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Our Story

A spin-out from VTT’s Launchpad Incubator 

The founding team of SemiQon came together at VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland), where we worked in different capacities with microelectronics, quantum, and innovation management.  

As researchers in the quantum field, we are constantly exposed to the many expectations directed at quantum computers – from developing life-saving drugs to achieving climate neutrality. Ambitions  are high, and for good reason.

We believe in the potential of quantum, but also understand that overcoming the challenges of scaling up quantum computers from a handful of qubits – or even a few hundred – to hundreds of  thousands and then millions, requires innovation, commitment, and technical breakthroughs. We felt confident that our solutions could offer a viable and cost-effective solution, so, we decided to get to work on those breakthroughs to help realize the promise of quantum. 

In 2022, SemiQon got its start as part of VTT’s Launchpad incubator. During the year, we worked on developing the business plan and surrounding ourselves with a group of experienced investors and mentors. In in early 2023, it was finally time to kick off independent operations. 

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Our Investors

Secured EUR 2 million in funding by February 2023. Lead investor Helsinki-based deep tech investor Voima Ventures.

By February 2023, we had secured EUR 2 million. We are proud to be backed by a number or committed investors, including Lunar Ventures, Dhyan Ventures, Tiny Supercomputer VC, Atomico Angel programme, and some strategic angel investors. We are lucky and proud to work with investors that are committed to driving innovation and bring valuable experience from within and outside the quantum industry. 

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“Our solution responds to three major challenges currently slowing down the  development of quantum computers globally – their scalability, price, and  sustainability.”

Himadri Majumdar