We deliver the most scalable quantum computer

Scalable quantum processor meets scalable control electronics to demonstrate a full-stack quantum computer


Qubits connected to room temperature readout electronics via individual cables are a bottleneck for scaling quantum processors and quantum computers. Qubits with on-chip multiplexing and seamless connection to scalable electronics are essential for scaling of quantum computers.


SemiQon’s monolithically integrated qubits and CMOS multiplexers provide a scalable path for QPUs and Qblox’s scalable readout electronics enable efficient control of the QPUs. In SCALLOP we combine these technologies to demonstrate the most scalable quantum computer.


SCALLOP project will pave the way for commercialization of the most reliable, stable, scalable and affordable quantum processors. SemiQon and Qblox together design the specifications of a full-stack quantum computer. Based on those specifications, SemiQon will fabricate the quantum processor and Qlox will build the demonstrator assembly and control software. Together they will demonstrate an operational, scalable quantum computer.


SemiQon builds silicon-based quantum processors for the million-qubit era. SemiQon’smission is to realize the promise of quantum computing by delivering scalability throughpowerful, resilient, and cost-effective quantum processors. SemiQon’s technologybuilds upon decades of development and know-how from the semiconductor industry, making its silicon processors commercially competitive and well-suited for mass-manufacturing.


Qblox operates at the frontier of the quantum revolution, supporting academic laboratories worldwide. This is made possible by our passionate, dynamic and diverse team. With a dedicated team of scientists, engineers and developers we are pushing quantum technology to support scientists and institutions worldwide with our scalable and low-latency qubit control equipment.