May 12, 2023
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SemiQon celebrates launch and initiates conversation about what’s next for quantum and semiconductor technologies

SemiQon celebrates launch and initiates conversation about what’s next for quantum and semiconductor technologies

On Monday May 8th, SemiQon’s in-person launch event at Dipoli in Espoo brought together industry leaders, policy makers, scientists, and more to celebrate the beginning of SemiQon’s journey and to discuss the future joint opportunities of the quantum and semiconductor industries.

At the event, we had the honor of hosting speakers including Member of Parliament Atte Harjanne, President and CEO of VTT Technological Research Centre of Finland Dr. Antti Vasara, and Managing Director of Murata Electronics Finland Tomy Runne who each brought an insightful angle to the conversation.  

In his opening remarks MP Harjanne provided a policy maker’s view to Finnish and European innovation policy and deep tech landscape, emphasizing that while important, funding alone is not the path to scientific and commercial success. In addition to 4 percent of GDP targeted to research and innovation funding, we need to consistently focus on building an open, curious, and internationally oriented society capable of attracting skilled and smart minds.

Finland must be a place where globally competitive innovation ecosystems can emerge and flourish.
MP Atte Harjanne emphasized the role of international cooperation in strengthening industry and driving innovation.

The speakers also pointed out that the momentum is here. Not just in terms of the maturing technology, but also important political and societal developments. The European Chips Act, Finnish NATO membership and an increasing focus on geopolitical competition and technological sovereignty emphasize the value of quantum and other critical technologies and create great opportunities for Finland and Europe.  

Throughout the speeches, a vivid panel discussion, and the active conversations among the distinguished guests, same themes kept coming up: investments in education, the value of research and piloting infrastructure, cross-industry cooperation among quantum and semiconductor companies, public-private partnerships, and the need to increase speed to market.  

Panelists David Gunnarsson, Jani Kivioja, and Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä represented different industry perspectives but found common ground in their ambition and support of driving forward Finnish quantum and semiconductor industries hand-in-hand.
As a young company starting out, we were encouraged to hear policy makers, industry leaders, and investors agree that the success of companies, industries, and societies is often intertwined, and requires commitment and far-sighted decision making from everyone involved.

At SemiQon, we are empowered by a community that is so eager to come together and cooperate, and grateful for the way SemiQon has been welcomed by so many old and new connections from the quantum and start-up ecosystems, established industry powerhouses, and our local Otaniemi and Espoo communities.  

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